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Publisher description

ForevalZ - compiler of mathematical expressions(formulas) with complex numbers given as string at 'run-time'. (math parser & compiler x86-32 CPU/FPU) . Present as "dll" library and Delphi component. Can be compiled in FPC (Lazarus). Examples for Delphi, FPC, C++(Builder,MSVC), VB6, FreeBasic, VB.NET. For use in programs that perform 'run-time' calculations. Open source. (v. Main properties: Unlimited length and nested of expression. Built-in basic functions.      Adding internal and external variables (complex and real), (extended, double, integer), arrays and parameters.      Addition external functions with unlimited and indefinite number of variables.      Adding external functions in one line. Optimisation of a code. Supported string types: UTF16, UTF8, WideString, AnsiString license: freeware with source (MIT) compiling with Delphi 7+ or FPC(Lazarus)

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